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Blockage Theory
Chi Gong master and acupuncturist Tom Tam has an amazing blockage removal theory that has been proven to be effective. He believes a theory has to be duplicated by others to be proven. 
Blockages in our energy systems can create dis-ease in our bodies and minds. Energy (chi) flows through meridians (path ways) in our bodies and have powerful affects on our health. When a blockage occurs it creates an imbalance, too much chi (excess) before the blockage and too little (deficiency) after it. In the beginning stages it creates yin symptoms which could present itself as discomfort, pain, irritation, or minor issues, as the blockage becomes more chronic or severe the yang symptoms can turn to illness and serious disease.
Tom says, "remove the blockage and let the body heal itself".
That is what I try to do. I have found many ways to relieve the blockages physically, emotionally and spiritually.
As Tommy says, the blockages have to be removed, find a way to do it. He uses, acupuncture, chi gong, tui na massage and tong ren.
I use acupressure, tui na, chi gong, tong ren, reiki, eft, matrix energetics, hypnosis, and more.

We can find the blockages in different ways. By palpating the acu points, symptoms, words, muscle testing, etc. Once we locate and release the blockages the body has the ability to heal more easily.

The spine has such importance and needs to be free of stress and tension that special attention should be placed there.

Mind blockages
Just as the body had physical blockages, the mind has them as well. In fact the mind is a large contributor to many physical blocks. Theory says, remove the blockage and the mind will follow. 
Many eft practitioners have proven if you remove the mind blockage the body will follow much more quickly.
Our thoughts and beliefs create our emotional blocks and eft (referred to as tapping by newcomers) appears to be the most powerful technique available to quickly find and eliminate our mind or emotional blockages.
Gary Craig is the father of eft. Please go to the eft page to learn more.
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